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All Guilds Meeting - May 2012

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Shorah everyone!  As always, the All Guilds Meeting was held this month in Kirel, with Leonardo returning to moderate, and this one certainly did not disappoint.  If you couldn't make it (like myself for a vast majority of it), we have the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs to help you catch up.

A little summary for you:

Annabelle's Marker Quests

Starting things off was regular presenter Annabelle (using her Skydiver avatar), who is celebrating two years since she started making her quests.  Her seventh and final release, The Eders, contains games for Gira, Kemo, Delin and Tsogal and will be released on May 19th.  She is also creating quests on the Deep Island shard (the one that contains many fan Ages), as well as a mystery third project she's working on that will be revealed in time.

Guild of Sleepers

Alien was next to update everyone on their guild's anniversary party coming up on the May 10th at 10:00 KI time.  There will be music featuring some well-known D'niJs, at least one marker game, and a movie and music trivia game.

The Open Cave

Christopher presented the latest from TOC.  They have the Gahreesen wall up and running, but have not properly stress-tested it yet.  Therefore, they are holding a tournament to see exactly how much the (admittedly very buggy) wall can take.  It will take place on June 18th and anyone can register on their forum.  A prize for the winners has been promised...possibly a unique "trophy" of sorts on their Reltos!

Trekluver/Guild of New Greeters

After a bit of an absence, Trekluver made an appearance to talk about the ADBMM (April Discoveries Bring May MYSTeries).  It will be held May 13th - 19th, with many activities planned over the course of the week.  There is even a planned in-game appearance by Cyan Worlds CEO Rand Miller on the 19th at 12:30 KI time!  The Starry Expanse group will also hold a Q and A session.  Trek needs volunteers for some of the activities and he encouraged interested parties to PM him on the MOUL forums.

Jahmen's Quest Series

Jahmen made a quick appearance to promote his marker quests that have been in development.  Anyone interested is encouraged to contact him.  More info can be found in a previous GoMe news post.

Christian Walther stepped in to speak for OU this month.  Not only is the team preparing to update their own shard, but are hoping to get their last batch of fixes (such as the copy/paste text into the KI fix) ready to submit to Cyan themselves for the MOULa shard.  Cyan is hoping to implement them by May 28th.  Christian also took some technical questions.

Guild of Messengers

Last and certainly not least was the GoMe.  Leonardo formally introduced the latest addition to the Guild, Lyrositor, who has not only been working hard for the GoMe, but for the Guild of Writers as well, revamping their website and forums to better match formats and updating parts of their Wiki.  Leo also mentioned Uru2U, the tentative name of the video project on which the Guild has been working and its need for volunteers to help put it together.  Lunanne updated everyone on the status of the magazine, saying that it was more likely the Guild would migrate to posting full articles as they are made available on a new section of the GoMe website, instead of publishing a full magazine every so often.


A few days before the meeting, thanks to generous explorers, the CAVCON meter went up to 4 once again!  With all the activities coming up this month, show your support by donating to keep the servers online for future fun times and bug fixes!

Until next month, everyone.


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